NATUREPRESS range of plates, bowls and other palm leaf tableware are creatively designed to variety of beautiful shapes and sizes for households, cafes, restaurants, hotels, motels, food trucks, bistros etc. and suitable for a variety of occasions - weddings, parties, events, conferences, camping etc. These products are a great balance of Convenience, Elegance and Sustainability when it comes to disposable tableware.

  • Natural Crockery for Dining

  • Each finish unique to its original leaf

  • Easy to Carry or Move

  • Elegant & Upscalelook & feel

  • Stands up toforks & knives

  • All-weather &All-climate use

  • Naturalwood-grain finish

  • Thick inMake & Sturdy

  • Friendly for bothIndoor & Outdoor Dining

  • Beautiful leafColors & Textures

  • LightweightPortable & Travel-friendly

  • Great Conversation StarterAcross Venue Settings

Be it anywhere, anyplace, any occasion
Serve in Style

Our Palm Leaf Tableware can be used to serve in elegance and style across any kind of indoor or outdoor dining environment or events and venue settings.

Great on Utility

You can serve your guests with soup, appetizers, salads, main course, desserts, hot and cold liquids and much more in our wide range of tableware. Agrifold Areca Palm Leaf Products are microwave and refrigeration safe, are sturdy for using fork, spoon & knife, and at the same time also light weight and easily disposable without any adverse effects to the environment. In a great way, these natural dinnerware help reduce and save water resources for homes and venues alike, which otherwise is substantially consumed in cleaning and washing of conventional crockery.

Serve Hot Meals

Serve Cold Meals

Serve Hot/Cold Liquids

Great with Fork & Knife

Replaces the need for dish

washing at Events

easy to dispose

Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable,

No Recycling needed

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed