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100% Eco-Friendly Dinnerware / Tableware

Zero Tree Cuts

No Tree Cuts during the whole process. It's a promise to our Earth

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100% Biodegradable

100% Biodegradable and Compostable; feel free to throw out on your lawn

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Zero Discharge

Absolutely no toxic or hazardous discharge in making and consumption

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Learn, Why this is Best in class!

NATUREPRESS is driven to support green initiatives with specialisation in the area of eco-friendly disposable consumer products in the form of organic and biodegradable tableware, which has otherwise been dominated for years by plastic and thermo-foam products.

  NOT from Pulp 

Our product is not pulp-based, and hence it is safer to use when contacting liquids

  100% Natural Leaf  

This is one of the only disposable, made out of 100% leaf only. There is no secret.

  Drive Sustainability  

We drive sustainability through this product. Its a pure example of Go-Green

  Save Washing Water Resource  

Using our product saves washing water waster through dish-washers etc.

  Microwave Safe  

Feel free to use it for warming-up your meal. Its microwave safe.

  Freezer Safe  

Leftovers? No worries, use our products to refrigerate or freeze your meal safely.


The unique texture of our tableware gives an elegant look to the table.

  Serve Any Kind of Meal  

Hot meal? Cold meal? Liquids? Serve any kind of meal and feel free to use spoon/fork/knife


100% Biodegradable product, which biodegrade completely within few weeks.


100% Compostable product, so no need to worry and Go-Green with us.

  Chemical Free  

100% Chamical free product, not even a single drop of chemicals used in its manufacturing.

  0 Impact on Environment  

From its sourcing till the end of its lifecycle, this product make 0 bad impact to environment.


Let's see how our Tableware is better than others in a simplified comparison chart
Naturepress Palm Leaf Disposable Rest of all other kinds of Disposables
Paper Based Styrofoam Plastic
100% Biodegradable?
0 Tree Cut N/A N/A
Chemical & Wax Free
0 Discharge
100% Natural Leaf
Drive Sustainability
0 Impact on Environment
Pulp based N/A N/A
Microwave Safe
Freezer Safe

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